How do you get over feeling jealous when an ex starts dating someone new?

I'm going to straight up admit that I am a nerd, I play a lot of games online when I'm not working and I have 'e-dated' twice in the past. The last guy I was e-dating, we talked constantly on skype and in whatever games we were playing at the time, we did almost everything together that we could without actually being together. We sent each other Christmas and birthday presents, and had told our families our plans to meet each other, and he was actually good friends with my sister who couldn't be happier for us.

Things started to go wrong and I ended up dumping him because of my own insecurities, and I've always regretted it and felt that we left things off badly. Recently he contacted me and we started talking again. I was going through a bit of a rough patch, and even though we'd just started talking again he was the only person to really jump in and try to help me out, whether it was just letting me vent, or trying to give me advice.

I'm pretty much out of the rough patch, and I noticed in the last week that he's been talking a lot about one of my good friends that I introduced to him through a game we both play. He said they'd became friends and I was happy, but also couldn't help feeling a bit jealous. Today though I found out that he has developed strong feelings for my friend, and she has for him too...and that they have been sort of e-dating for a few weeks, but didn't want to tell me because of what I was going through.

I am honestly happy for both of them, but I still feel this annoying jealously creeping up and I don't know how to handle it. I've never felt jealous like this before, and I feel so horrible for feeling this way. I really do love them both so much as friends, and I don't want to say anything that might cause them to decide to stop being together on my behalf...but yet part of me also wants that to happen even though I know it would hurt them.

My question is, how do you get over feeling jealous of an ex when they start dating someone new? I've never been the jealous type in life and honestly I have no idea how to handle this at all.


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  • The quickest way to get over your feelings for your ex is to date someone new.


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