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How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Do Things Without Me?

First off, I love my boyfriend. He is everything I have searched my entire adult life for, I’m grateful for him and would do anything for him.
That being said, he is with me ALL the time. The only time we are apart is when we’re at work. Directly after that, we meet up at the gym and then we go to either his place or mine, eat dinner, hang out, and go to bed.
His dad has been trying to hang out with him for weeks, and I have encouraged it constantly, even making plans for myself and my dad on the same day so I’d have something to do. He came with me instead. He was supposed to hang out with his brother this weekend and he told me he’d like to bring me, but I’m not sure I’d like to go.
As I said, I love him, and I don’t want to do or say anything to make him feel like he’s smothering or annoying me. I just want him to have a healthy balance between me and his friends and family, and there isn’t one right now.
I know talking to him is the absolute best way, but I don’t know how to word it or what to say so it doesn’t seem like I need space. I’m fine being with him a lot but I don’t want him giving only me his attention, when he’s got so many others who want to see him.
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Edit-he was single for 6 years before meeting me so I’m sure that has something to do with it
How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Do Things Without Me?
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