Why does he only call her his Girlfriend when she's around?

I've known this guy for years. we went to school 2gether for 10 yrs. he's always liked me. he would tease me, make up nicknames for me, stuff like that.well, he switched schools, and we obviously didn't see each other everyday anymore. We talked on the phone on and off, and finally we startted talking online on a regular bassis. I figured, he was still the same guy I always knew. The guy that teased me, and joked with me. He seemed like it. And he would always ask me, if guys ever flirted with me at school. and when I asked him if h wanted to hang out, he always seemed reluctant to. he would even open up to me, about his feelings, which I know was always hard for him. Well, we stop talking for a few months, but I run into him at Church, and he smiles at me and asks me, if I want his number. So, I text him a few days later, and ask him what he's been up to,blah blah blah.i asked him if there's anyone he likes, and he just doesn't respond to the texts.then I call the next day, and his Girlfriend picks up the phone, which I didn't even know he had one! Now he's telling me they have been dating since senior year (during the time I talked to him online, when he made it very clear, he WASNT dating anyone. I don't get it.Him and I talked A LOt.why did he never mention her once? He "calls" her his Girlfriend, but only when she's around.Help me understand, what's going on here!


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  • Hmm.it sounds like he does actually like you.but he's either scared of the girl or likes her too.or he's a playboy! Maybe he thinks you like him but he doesn't want to offend you? I think he probably likes you or wants to see if you like him?

    • You're right, I think maybe he may be scared of her a little. whenever I call him, and she doesn't want him talking to me, I hear her in the background telling him what to say to get rid of me. He stalls sometime, in saying what he wants her too, and one time I heard her screaming to him to tell me "Don't f**** call", plus she'll go out of the room, and he'll apologize. Then when she comes back in, he just starts talking to her, and ignoring me.

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    • This guy sounds complicated! And I'm not sure if that's a good thing. You could ask him straight, but that would be WAYYY risky! Just keep friendly and try and forget about it if you can't figure it out. You sound nice though, so he may be trying to get you jealous!

    • Thanks. and I agree he's definetely not the type of guy to ask straight on...and yes, he's very VERY complicated..lol I've known him for years, and I still don't understand him!...you should hear some of the games he's tried to play on me...but I can't help being attracted to him anyways! and with all the mixed signals he's been giving me, and the way he use to tease me all the time, I could have sworn he liked me too....I just wish he would admit it!

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