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Guys does this sound like he was bored?

So I’ve been getting to know this guy for the last 4 months, we’ve met up twice (LD & worked abroad for a month!) we’ve also had sex & talk non stop. We’ve both told each other we have feelings for each other & he cares if I were to end things.

During meeting up for the second time I was really nervous to begin with but the moment I was with him I was instantly relaxed. We get on so we’ll and we never had to filter what we said to each other, it just felt easy. It’s madness we’ve only met each other twice but feels like we’ve known each other years. Everything just felt super comfortable & no topic was off limits from pooing, periods to mistakes we’ve made in the past. He showed me stuff he was interested in and there were moments when we could sit in comfortable silence. We also joked around a lot and teased each other.

I thought it went well but lately he’s pulled back, he still reaches out to me and messages me but just doesn’t seem interested in keeping the conversation up or doesn’t give me much to respond too. I’ve asked him if everything was ok and he said yeah it’s fine. Is he loosing interest and just didn’t have a good time?
Guys does this sound like he was bored?
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