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Best 1st date ever, Why didn't he call?

Ok, I'll try to make this short - we went on a first date. We walked and talked then sat down to eat. He was very chivilrous the whole time, opening doors, walking near street, helping with coat on/off etc. Near the end of the meal he turned towards me & started touching my hand/arm while talking. Then he walked me to my car & asked if he could call me, if I wanted, and get together again. I said yes, I would like that. He wasn't sure whether to kiss or not & said so - kinda awkward, but we were open about it and no biggie.

This was the best first date I have ever been on. I actually thought I'd get a text from him that night. 2 days later I had heard nothing and sent him an email telling him I enjoyed his company. Then I did a major goof - the last part of the email said I figured he wasn't interested as I hadn't heard fro him, that I left with the impression he was and was curious as to why he wasn't. I know this was the worst thing I could've done, so please be nice : )

Anyhow, he emailed back saying he was sorry that was the impression he gave as that was not the case. That he has been in discussion with a future boss and was hoping to wrap it up in a few days. He had to get this done first and hoped I understood. I emailed back and said no problem, I understand.

It has been 10 days since the date. 6 days since his return email.I have not heard from him. It just doesn't make sense. If he wasn't interested, why would he ask to get together again? Why would he even return my email? Why did he say he was interested in the second email? Any ideas?

Thanks so much for your input! : )
Best 1st date ever, Why didn't he call?
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