Guys, are my standards too high?

I have many standards when it comes to guys and relationships, and I feel like they might be unrealistic so I want to know from guys, is this too much to ask for?

I like a guy who:
1. Is at least my height
2. Is thin (or at least healthy)
3. Doesn't have anger issues
4. Is mature and intelligent but can be fun and outgoing
5. Has a good sense of humor
6. Is supportive
7. Is open minded
8. Knows what he wants and is self aware
9. Isn't clingy or jealous
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Okay so my standards seem a bit too general and confusing for some so let me clarify a few things:
Height isn't really a problem because I'm not tall myself. I love any body as long as it is healthy so he should just be healthy. He shouldn't get mad over every little thing that goes wrong. He can't be a complete idiot. He should be open to trying new things and be able to discuss or explore new ideas. He should know what he wants of life (a general idea) and should have expectations for himself
Guys, are my standards too high?
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