Stringing me along....?

There is this girl who I use to date (twice) and we stopped for no clear reason both time.

Recently we hooked up although we both had been drinking. we hung out the next afternoon for a while(like 4 or 5 hours) and it seemed like we just clicked, we just hung out and talked and it seemed like we really both enjoyed ourselves. Then we hook up again it was at a party that night and again we both were drinking.

The day after that we text back and forth the whole day basically and she was saying how we should go do ... together and stuff like that. Now I always have had feelings for this girl so of course I want to do stuff with her. I know that because we had both been drinking those two nights that doesn't necessarily mean anything. But with all things considered like hooking up two night in a row hanging out sober during the day and saying how she wants to do stuff with me. Should I assume she wants to date again? Or do you think she is just stringing me along? And if we do go and do stuff together should I assume they are a date?


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  • Yes, she wants to date you and that's what she wishes.

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