Why do I never get a second date?

So I had two first dates over the past few weeks.

First was a guy I met at a bar. I asked him out and we had dinner and a drink, conversation was nice and I thought it was going well. He said he'd call but never did.

The second one asked me out. I had a great evening and would have loved to see him again, and get to know each other. Today he calls me to tell me "it didn't click".

What am I doing wrong? Or is it normal that guys decide after one evening that they don't want to meet again? Based on what is this decision made?


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  • On the shallow side, some guys might not think your sexy or pretty enough and if you didn't put out on the first date then they would rather move on to someone that will.

    On the nicer side of things, your talking about two dates. Two mostly random guys is not enough to start judging yourself by. I will admit that I do look for a woman that I'm attracted to and then I look for smarts and personality. Not every woman I've "dated" has always clicked for me and it's mostly a hit or miss. Even with using the various dating sites out there I haven't always found someone that captures my interest.


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