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Why he keeps getting scared every time he feels for me strongly?

OK so me N this guy met On Facebook. He wish me a happy birthday about 3 months ago so we’ve been talking ever since and we finally had a chance to meet up like 4 or 3 days ago.

Anyways a month ago before we actually met in person we got into an argument because one minute he wants a relationship and the next minute he gets scared n talk about how the others hurt him and it really started when we asked each other what we was he tried to say no title and not give direct answer... and would avoid answering so i said fine then we will be friends he agreed n went distant for bout 3 days but still talk here n there.

Then I got a I miss u text and he realize he was ready for a relationship so we was good for an entire month her said he love me.. stopped mentioning his short term ex’s and gave me million reason why then he was drunk with his family and called me 11 times telling me he love me. Week later we both met up both of our dates was so so perfect I never ever seen him smile so much and he was a gentlemen open doors, brought everything, I offered and he ain’t let me. We hugged kissed, and did other stuff... he couldn’t keep his hands off the chemistry was strong

So... fast forward. Every time he is in his feelings deeply n express hisself HE GETS SCARED and act distant and starts twisting his words and try to hide his feelings so now we are not talking because I’m piss and he trying to come back to see me to explain himself 5 hour DRIVE. He has ptsd too.
Why does he keep getting afraid?
Why he keeps getting scared every time he feels for me strongly?
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