More than just a fling?

So basically I slept with a girl recently who also slept with my best friend about two months ago. But that was strictly a fling cause he told me so. And she knew it as well, cause they made it clear. I didn't know who she was cause I was somewhere else in Xmas, any ways long story short I got to learn the truth but I already had a thing for her, and thought nothing of it, so I gave it a try.

We hung out together and dinner at hers and her flatmates, after we watched a film, after that it was late, so everyone went back to their rooms, I stayed over and she invited me to her room, and we flirted with each other, kissed and at first she hesitated having sex with me, but I told her me and my best friend were cool about it, he doesn't mind. There was still hesitance... so we made out a couple more times, dry humped each other... and she finally broke. And we had sex, after that I think she felt guilty as she would... but for some time after we had sex we were acting like a couple, looking into each others' eyes, kissing passionately... hugging each other, and talking about things, whilst watching two movies...didn't sleep at all that night..

But it all came to "the talk" and she was mixed up not knowing what to do, because she felt bad for sleeping with me, and she doesn't feel right sleeping with someone's best friend (who didn't mind btw), and there is the whole I might have some feelings towards him... and that it would be easier to just be friends...I was so disappointed, my only reply to it was, "You know I like you, but if that's what you decide, I'll respect that" was the only thing I can think of at the time, and she said "I like you too" but...we should just be friends...

I have the feeling there has been a dark past she had with relationships and that she's scared... or what not, she didn't tell me cause she feared that it would hurt my feelings, I know this because my best friend hinted towards that...but he didn't tell me, said it was best if she told me herself. I'm willing to overlook the past whatever it is to be with this girl, do you think I should at least give it another stab at it?


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  • You seem like a really sweet guy. It's possible she just felt really bad sleeping with two best friends, so she's not getting involved with you in order to feel better. However, it may be the case that she does just see you as a friend. In my opinion, you don't have to stop trying to be with her altogether, but don't be so forward. Relax a little, flirt when you see each other, but don't be actively trying to pursue her just yet. In time, she may feel a little less guilty and you can make another move. I hope things work out =)


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