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Is he interested me or what judging from this?

So there's this guy at work have a feeling he might like me. Didn't notice him too much until our work party. Only know him a few weeks. He was there , earlier in the day it'd been raining I was out in it got drenched he was out also. Later on that night he came over to me saying “you not wet anymore?” smiling chatted little then he was asking what I thought about a couple guys at work I let him know I didn't like them like that. We've been speaking more the next times we've seen each other having a bit of banter. Work at the airport when he passed the check in desk he was looking at me. Tuesday I had to marshall passengers to plane keep in lines. He works on the ramp not his job to do that. He came over stood beside me came close looking me in the eyes deeply around my face smiling then said let me show you a little trick you stand here it'll be better etc I was joking then telling him you can help if you want. I was like still won't work see I told you cause one went out. Stood beside me few minutes then went and put cones there (never use them he decided to). Felt some weird chemistry when he was close to me?
Is he interested me or what judging from this?
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