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Could someone please tell me what's going on here?

I met this amazing girl when we were doing a theatre production together last year. I wasn't interested in her initially cause she came on quite strongly.

I was a little turned off because of her strongly flirtatious and sexually suggestive behaviour towards me. She'd wear form fitting clothing and look at me in a certain way quite often.

And on one of the rehearsals, she openly and playfully said in front of everyone, "Why isn't this person my boyfriend?"

She'd also repeatedly tell me her dreams about marriage, being a mom someday and ask my opinion on what I think a good marriage looked like.

She's actually quite pretty. But for me, I've seen my fair share of attractive women with rotten personalities at heart and I wanted to get to know her better first.

Fortunately, I got to know her better and we began to hang out a lot one on one and with the rest of our friends.

I soon found out that she's a really nice person.

She'd often share about her dreams and her struggles with me and we could literally spend hours laughing together and not realize how much time had passed.

We'd often tell each other how much we enjoyed each other's company too.

Along the way, I started falling for her and we met people (even strangers) who'd suggest that we'd make a good couple if we got married someday.

One day, she takes a photo, and starts typing on her phone, all smiles. Later on, she tells me that she's been texting this other guy for months now and she enjoys the attention he gives her.

Another day after, with another group of friends, I'd see her texting this guy again. Like literally saw his name on the chat window..

Just after that, while speaking to her at lunch, we'd realize that we had so much in common. Our friends suggestted how perhaps we were meant to be together and get married eventually, to which she giggled and smiled and said like "Who knows? Maybe?"

What the heck is going on? Is it me? Am I being played? Is this the proverbial friend zone?
Could someone please tell me what's going on here?
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