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Is he interested in me enough to stay?

I've been talking to this guy for about a month weve seen each other about 3 times this month (he lives 40min away and i dont have a car btw). he took me out to dinner then meet up at a club about a week later he paid for everything and took me home we text about everyday this month. usually its him texting me first because i like space he respects that we get along amazingly. we just saw he each other 4 days ago he drove to come see me at my freinds house after he went out with a couple of his friends cuz i missed him and we starting making out and we did oral on one another after i thought it would be nice to send him 20$ for gas cuz he drives a truck and he told me over and over again not to but it didn't seem okay for me not to he shot me a text and thanked me and that he appreciated the gesture and i haven't spoken to him since he's been retweeting my stuff on twitter and watching my insta story and I don't know how to feel
Is he interested in me enough to stay?
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