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Will he ever stop being distant?

A guy I met online 2 months ago we been talking lately and he has PTSD. So it seems like when ever he feels for me strongly he emotionally shuts down or he tries to distant his self from me. This is the second time he’s done this But the first time it happened was about a month ago when we been friends and wanted to know our title because we treated each other like a couple (haven’t met yet) we FaceTime for hours and talk for hours.

The moment we asked each other what we was he acted distant for about 2 to 3 days, and was talking suicidal he has bad ptsd but the past month it’s been good. Anyways during this phase when he ain’t talk to me 3 days he told me he was afraid because he never met a girl he can actually see a future with and he actually felt for so strong and how happy he is to be in my life.

Okay fast forward now it’s 2 months, we finally meets and we have the best moment of our life, he has ptsd so he drove on a bus 5 hours.. stayed the weekend. Things trigger him... crowded restaurants, movie theatre walking maybe? I don't know but he hasn’t really called or talked much since it’s been a week now and I promise he had a good time we kissed and hugged he Carried my belongings he open doors for me brought me food n drinks even met my mom n dad but my mom he tried to offer her to come out too.

So he gets home act distant and I ask him what is wrong, was it my looks? Do he like me in person? Did he enjoy his self? He told me it was overwhelming for him And it’s his personal issues he’s dealing with and told me not to think on it too strongly. So few more days past I got upset he’s not even calling, so then he calls and he says “ your too young don’t worry about relationships worry about stacking money” he won’t answer most of my questions and he says he is numb which is the same behavior as last time.

Is his Ptsd triggered or he don’t want me anymore? He still checks my social media and view everything u post.
Will he ever stop being distant?
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