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Do guys really are attracted to ladies who are brave or bold in go after them or that is a turn off?

I mean I have heard different opinions from guys.

Some guys say they like women who are proactive and do that stuff but others says they dont like it because they are not attracted to ladies who are a little (not entirely though) clingy or ladies who are all over them. For example contact the guy often to insist in making plans to go out when they have not arrange anything yet or to contact the guy often just to see how is he in a random day at work, at the house, i mean the lady do this stuff often and she may suffocate the guy and he does not like it.,

So what is the deal?

I also wonder if that has to do with the guy´s age. Lets say a guy in his mid 40 full adults or guys just in his 20 and 30´s.. Because young guys prefer to do the chasing and be the macho the gentleman, while guys in their mid 40´s or late 40´s probably may prefer ladies who are bolder and braver and go after them instead, be bold and reach him first as we are in different times now and ladies can do what men did in the past.

For example a woman being ghosted by a guy, no explanation to her no nothing of what she did wrong or did not do wrong in order for him to fade.. Then a friend of this lady tells her, why dont you try to communicate witht he guy yourself do the contact yourself and ask him the reason he justa faded away, be brave first dont wait for him to do it as he will never do it. The lady tells her "No I won't try to communicate with the guy, he must had ghosted me for a reason even if I will never know why. But I guess ghosting is a total different thing and it differs of what I just posted here where a man could be attracted to a lady who is brave or proactive to contact him first and not the other way around.

Another related question can you be bold and brave without being clingy and how?
Do guys really are attracted to ladies who are brave or bold in go after them or that is a turn off?
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