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What should I do?

My best friend always texts me and says that he cares about me. We both have trusting issues and he says that he only trusts me and vice versa. We stay up late texting each other and we FaceTime almost everyday. The thing is that if we talk about how people ship us, I’ll say “I don’t like you and you don’t like me too right.” And without skipping a beat he’ll say right. One time he slipped up and I was in my sports bra and he told me he was good at controlling himself when we were talking about it the next day. When my ex cheated on me, he got so mad and got mad at me for even thinking about being friends with him or having any contract at all. If people assume we’re together he sounds a little bit defensive. He always tries to make me laugh and cheers me up. He said this “Cause u are the one person on this Earth that knows me the most and i care about u and what u have to say”. I’m really confused and I need help. I’ve asked this question and now I want to go for it but I’m scared that he won’t like me back and I’ll ruin our friendship. Should I go for it?
What should I do?
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