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Is It Safe To Watch Movies Together Alone After 5 Dates?

I met a guy on tinder who goes to the same college as me. We have been talking for 6 weeks and gone on 5 dates. One date was supposed to be a study session at a coffee shop. At the last minute he suggested we study at his cousin's apartment because they aren't there on the weekends and they let him study there whenever he needs. He lives at home and I share an apartment with a few girls. I felt uncomfortable with this so I said no and offered to meet him at the library. Later when we met up he kept trying to convince me to go to the apartment but I refused and finally told him that I didn't trust him enough to be completely alone with him in an unknown place. He seemed hurt that I didn't trust him and said I shouldn't be scared of him.

Today we have plans to watch Game of Thrones together and he offered his cousin's place again. I still feel uneasy about it but since I made a big deal about it last time, I agreed. He texted me today saying he would pick me up at 8:30. I really want to drive myself because I don't know where the apartment is and I want to be able to leave if I need to. So I told him not too worry I could drive myself and asked for the address. He texted back "But I need to drop off a bag of plums! Our plum tree has given us way too many". So I told him he could just bring the plums with him and I'd take them back home with me. He never responded.
So I still don't have the address to the apartment and it sounds like he really wants to pick me up. I don't really want to go anymore but I don't have an excuse to cancel.
Am I overreacting? Is this safe?
Is It Safe To Watch Movies Together Alone After 5 Dates?
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