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I feel like she's interested but I'm not sure?


I'll just start with due to me doing a PhD I haven't had much time to explore relationships and hence my probable, lack of common sense?

Anyway, me and a good few friends went out recently, me and a girl were chatting a reasonable amount until the end of the night when she came over to me and started dancing beside me until the early hours of the morning and only a few of us were left, towards the end I asked her for her number and she passed it over, she then hugged me as she left and said she'd see me soon.

Now, reading this over I feel like she's interested but she is leaving town soon and I have a small itch that maybe she was just being kind. There were little things that gave me the impression, she'd keep copying my dances and giggling at my (horrendous) moves and tried to teach me a few moves which I absolutely nailed (I didn't) and it was just a good atmosphere so I keep getting second thoughts that maybe it was just being friendly (I hadn't known her before yesterday).

Was hoping to get a perspective on if this seems like she's interested or not.
I feel like she's interested but I'm not sure?
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