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Does he like me after our first date?

So I thought the date when sorta bad (mostly because I’m insecure and acted really stupid) and that I screwed everything up. We never met in person before the date but talked online a lot. We had no physical contact. It wasn’t exactly planned as a date just a hang out but we did stuff like on dates and we flirt a lot. I knew he had a crush on me before. I’m scared he doesn’t anymore. After the “date” he said “see you later”. He didn’t message me the night of the date. But he tagged me in a post the next day on Facebook. He’s at work right now so we haven’t talked. Is that a good sign that he’s still tagging me in stuff? If he does like me, how do I get him to flat out say whether he does or not?
Does he like me after our first date?
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