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Does my ex still have feelings for me?

My ex and i met last Year and dated for about 7 months. we broke up in November and officially stopped talking to each other in December. We still have each other on social media so I didn’t find it weird if I saw his name pop up from time to time. Around April he texted me saying how sorry he was for acting like a dick and that he didn’t mean to hurt me. I simply told him that peoples minds change and you can’t really do much about it and his response was that he’s had no change of heart or mind (which kinda threw me off a little partially because I knew he was seeing someone ). Nevertheless the conversation ended and I haven’t heard from him until 2 days ago. i had posted a snap of me basically complaining about my day and that I needed a massage... he swipes up and replies To my story saying that he’d give me one which freaked me out a bit.. I messaged him with numerous question marks but he never responded & that’s when I realized that he most likely left to boot camp or whatever (he wants to be in the military).. so now I’m wondering what is his reason for messaging me again and why do it the day before you go away (Also we’re both currently in a relationship with other people)
Does my ex still have feelings for me?
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