Who pays on a group/two couple date?

Okay so me and this girl from work whom I'm friends with and then a girl and another guy from work are all going out to bowl and maybe eat, and I'm curious on what other people think...

do I pay for the girl I'm taking with me and whom I like? (we are only friends atm...)

i don't want to start paying and spoiling her or me paying come off as like haughty or big headed, I wanna be nice and give a hint to her that I like her...

because if I start to pay as friends I don't want her to expect me to pay for everything...btw this would be our first literal hangout other than going to the tattoo shop.

so what do yall think, guys and girls?


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  • your just friends and your there with a group. My answer is this, If she's flirting and throwing you signals then make yourself look awesome and pay for everyone. If she's ignoring you, do not pay for her.