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A girl so nice, but to ask out twice?

I asked out a girl a couple of years ago, and she said she just wanted to be friends. Recently, we both ended up at the same internship, by chance, and we've been spending some time together, and she seems to be flirting with me or at least getting on well with me, so it seems she's not weirded out by me. I've been into this young lady for a while. Should I ask her out again, or leave it? (The internship lasts only a week more, so working together won't be an issue.
Yes, go for it, but be careful in how you go about it!
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Throw caution to the wind, and be upfront to her about your mind!
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No, just make it one more week, and you'll see in hindsight that it would've been a poor decision.
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No, period. You've already asked her, and her answer two years ago will be the same today. Find someone else.
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A girl so nice, but to ask out twice?
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