2 mo

What does he mean?

What does this mean?

Guy and I we’re talking. I said “sorry for bothering you with my problems.”!

he said your not bothering me, that’s what a true friend is. I wanna be your true friend, I hope you know that.”

He also gives me a ride home everyday and sometimes picks me up.

There’s been a few times he’s driven me home and we’ve just talked in the car for an hour.
2 mo
I told my guy friend (who I like) that a guy I asked out called me ugly and said “who would date you” “your ugly”

My guy friend said “ should I beat him up”
”don’t take what he said to heart” “don’t believe what he said is it true because you’re amazing and you’re beautiful and you have a lot to offer to someone”

also, three different times he said “I’m worried about you, you’re not eating enough.
What does he mean?
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