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Is it a date or just a hang out? Is he into me or are we just friends?

A like a guy friend of mine. He's soooo sweet and treats me so well. We have known each other almost 4 years and him & his brother even came to my baptism. Friends think that he likes me but I don't think so. So... long story short. I have a crush on one of my guy friends. Basically last year we sat at the same table at my friends wedding and we joked around with each other. He waited for me to finish eating before going inside. We got to catch up and talk about life, work, and etc... finally when is was time for everybody to hit the dance floor. My friend that I car pooled with ran off and danced with some guy. My guy friend asked me if I wanted to dance with him so I said yeah. We went ahead and danced but it was super crowded so I danced us out of the crowd then we danced back in (it was interesting lol). I texted him "have fun. goodnight" he said "I had fun catching up and dancing with you. Anyways... One day I said how we should hang (he worked close to me for years but we never got to hang) to which he said "Yeah we should totally hang out and catch up). He's down to hang. He asked "want to get lunch with ___ and I?" I said yes. I get a long with his brother so its not a big deal. We all had phone granted the brother was on the phone most of the time. We waited an hour for food and were talking. Food finally came and we basically spent about 3 hours together. He told me I've changed (in a good way), I got to share my story, and he told me how he was thankful that I'm his life and he prayed over our food. I got to meet his family at his brothers graduation and they were super nice. I also met some of his friends recently at his brothers send off that he introduced me too. He's always down to hang out with me. We are so busy that we have to plan a month ahead to hangout though. We are hanging again next week. We plan on going to church together and then after maybe lunch or something. I haven't decided if I want lunch or like go to the park or something.
Is it a date or just a hang out? Is he into me or are we just friends?
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