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Guys, should I feel stood up after this interaction?

I've been casually seeing someone for about 8 months - it was long distance until about a month ago. Friday he texted me:
”how’s your weekend looking?”
i responded a while later “hey! So far kinda low key. You?”
he responded around midnight “I might have some time Sunday to get together”

That frustrated me, first of all, it’s incredibly vague, second, it’s Sunday which seems like he’s saving prime weekend time for other stuff, and it’s kind of arrogant - it reads like “well maybe I could grace you with my presence Sunday”

i responded the next Day midday with “hmm well when you know for sure, come up with a plan and I’ll see if I’m free! 😘” and he responded “sound good! I might be hanging with some coworkers so I’ll share the details when I know them!” So I said okay, and then NEVER HEARD ANYTHING.

I’m livid. Why did he think it was okay to not ever follow up? What now? It just seems so disrespectful of my time and my plans...
Guys, should I feel stood up after this interaction?
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