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Need opinions of this. (Exes issues)?

I'm 24 years old and I have been in 6 relationships. here's the thing... I consider three relationships. Should I? here's how it goes.
1st relationship. My ex asked me out and got together.
2nd relationship. My ex asked me out and got together.
3rd relationship. Ex didn't asked me out but he just started calling me hun and whatnot, then things escalated to the point of where I lost my virginity to him however he left right after. Was he just a friend with benefits? Even if I considered him as a bf?
4th relationship. I asked my ex out. Got together.
5th relationship. This ex started flirting with me didn't asked me out or anything but just really cared for me. I didn't consider him to be a boyfriend because right after the flirting he stopped texting me and ghosted me for 8 months. Then sends me a message out of the blue saying, "I miss you. I'm sorry but are we still together?". Told him no because i didn't know we were.
6th. Ex asked me out and we were only together for less than a week cause he was abusive so much right after I got with him and he was also messaging so many girls.
here's my question.
Should I consider my 3rd, 5th, and 6th to be relationships? I have people ask me how many people have I been with and I say 6 but truthfully I think it's just 3. I consider those the 3rd to be relationships because I had feelings for him but It seems like i was just a toy to him. I consider the 5th because i felt sorry for him? And i just consider the 6th just because he did ask me out but I also dont want to remember how bad it was within a week of dating that ex. I would like to know your opinions.
Need opinions of this. (Exes issues)?
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