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Could this be a sign that he is interested in someone else?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half. We don’t get to see each other in person very often lately, because we are both students and he is studying out of state. We text all week long, and are usually able to Skype a couple times during the week, depending on our schedules, and then if that doesn’t work out, Saturday is the day that we both have free to set aside time and spend a couple hours Skyping.
About a month ago, things started to slowly change. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the clingy type of girlfriend. I love to be independent and I would never step in the way of his own independence and personal time. But I think that in anyone’s life, when there’s a sudden change for no apparent reason, it makes you start questioning.

He has been much less interested in Skyping with me. I think we’ve called twice in the past month. He rarely has an interest in even audio calling me, but when we do, he does this thing where he’s like “come on video,” and then he’ll say “just kidding.” He’s cold.
The other day we had an unusual conversation. He randomly said, “I know you miss calling. Don’t worry, I’m not cheating on you.” And he laughed it off and changed the subject. I hadn’t even brought up the subject, and thought it was a strange thing for him to bring up just right out of the blue.

Maybe it sounds like a minor issue, or maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but knowing him the way I do, this sudden disinterest is quite strange, especially since he used to be so eager to call and would frequently be the one to initiate calls in his spare time.

I have asked him if he’s alright and told him that I’m there for him if he has anything he needs to talk about, but he says he’s fine. While we are still being affectionate with one another, there also feels like there is a distance.

I need outside perspectives. Do you think I’m just being overly sensitive? Or do you think this sudden change indicates he might be interested in someone else?
Could this be a sign that he is interested in someone else?
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