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Different Situation - Why did he block me after sex and an agreement we made?

I met this guy on Bumble, lets call him J. I was direct and forward with my intentions when communicating. I told him I was just looking to hook up while he stated he was looking for a relationship. I am in a age gap relationship and my boyfriend gave me permission to fool around time to time. So, when I told J about my situation, he was leery at first but when I explained more and exchange social media accounts (instagram) he was convinced and wanted to meet up.
When J came over, we talked and I explained more on my relationship with my boyfriend, who was travelling ( back story of my relationship with boyfriend, he introduced me the world of swinging, hence the permission he gave). J was intrigued, and overall we really hit it off. He kept saying how sexy, and cool I was and how it sucked I wasn't single because he saw me as the type of girl he could take out on dates ( Now this was said after our 1st round of sex, so I'm not sure if he said that because he meant it or was just sweet talking. If it was sweet talk, then there was no point to it because we already had sex)
As the night continued, I told him that I won't be talking to him afterwards but I'm sure I will reach out to him again when boyfriend gives permission again. J wanted to exchange phone numbers but I said let's just stay connected on Instagram. and He agreed. He stayed the night, and left the next morning. I could tell he was digging me and I was digging him. I couldnt stop thinking about him ever since. So it's been 5 days since, and I went on instagram to find that he blocked me. Not sure why when we agreed that we would hook up again. Maybe after some thought, he was turned off by my situation or I don't know. I'm just confused and in a rough situation. I do love my boyfriend dearly, so maybe J blocking me was good me because felt like i had a strong connection with J and it would jeopardize my relationship. I just want to know why J would block me? Wouldn't a guy be down to hook up with no commitments?
Different Situation - Why did he block me after sex and an agreement we made?
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