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I need your opinion?

Im with this Guy and its our one year anniversary next month... (he’s three years older than me). He’s going to start college this coming September. And I’m going to continue highschool. We usually see eachother almost everyday I would see him during his breaks at work. We call for a while during days after his work or during my lunch breaks at school. He told me earlier that he’s on a 3 week vacation and then he might quit. It hurts me because that’s only how I get to see him is by me visiting him. Or we go out but it’s rarely because he’s busy with his family and watching his little siblings. And then he told me he might move to a different house more closer to the collage he’s going to. This is going to be hard for me emotionally but I know I should stay strong and fight for us. But part of me saying that this won’t work out and I should leave him... I dont know what to do.. any opinions?
I need your opinion?
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