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Do guys really mean what they say?

I have a guy friend. I have a crush on. One day I was having a hard time. He drove me home like he always does and we talked in his car for 30min. Afterwards I said “ I’m sorry for bothering you with my problems”
he said “you’re not bothering me, that’s what true friends do. I wanna be your true friend, I hope you know that. There’s almost no problem you’ll bother me with”

Do I not have a shot with him?
does he only see me as a friend?

Also, if we’re walking together ( like to his car) and I’m behind him, he’ll either wait until I catch up or walk slowly until I catch up.

He gives me a ride everyday but doesn’t even ask. He just says “are you ready” when it’s time to go.

He left for a trip and said “we’ll have fun when I get back”
He likes you
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Do guys really mean what they say?
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