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What does this mean?

I have this really good guy friend whom I’m convinced likes me. He always tells me he sees me just as a friend and that he doesn’t want to miscommunicate anything. The thing is when I stayed at his house the other night with a bunch of friends and he thought I was asleep, he brushed the hair out of my face and kissed my hand. He will rub my back when he asks me how I am, asks me how I am multiple times within a day, is down to hangout at the drop of a hat, has kicked me to get my attention just to say hi, and I’ll catch him looking at me all the time. I caught him staring so I asked him, “What?” He just smiled and says, “nothing.” He is a very caring guy in general I’d like to point out. So am I misunderstanding things? He’s gone through a breakup so is he just lonely and I’m there to kinda fill that. Or do you think he does actually like me and maybe he’s just scared? I would just ask him about it but he’ll deny any of it so I’m turning to strangers online.
What does this mean?
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