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My boyfriend keeps saying hurtful things?

So me and my boyfriend have been arguing a lot more lately than usual. These arguments are usually over silly things that I’m not going to get into, however it does get pretty heated. Last week was probably our worst argument ever and he told me that I was selfish and I only cared about myself and that everything is my fault. Today, we got into a smaller argument but he told me that I do everything for attention including my depression which is something I never thought he would say because he knows my depression is something that affects my life on the daily and I just recently got out of impatient treatment for it. I never say these types of things to him when we argue, sure I say things I probably shouldn’t but not the kind of things he’s saying. Do you guys think he means these things? Should I even be with him if he’s going to make me feel this way? I
My boyfriend keeps saying hurtful things?
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