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Guy wants to be able to do his own thing?

So this guy I currently have history with has recently said that he's not looking for anything and just wants to enjoy himself, when I questioned enjoy himself how he said "just to be able to do his own thing' he also made a point of saying he wasn't one for sleeping around.

This has come after things heated up between us pretty quickly, such as in a week we were texting more, he was face timing me, drove 4 hours to come see me, told me that he cared if I was in his life or not, opened up to me more telling me his insecurities & telling me things about himself that only few people closest to him know, he also opened up to me more about his family. He also proceeded to drunk text & call me while he was with his friends and has also joked about us being parents.

Currently he's not in the best headspace and I told him that I understood him wanting to be able to do his own thing and suggested to him that he take some space to get himself sorted. I feel like he's gotten scared & freaked out about committing, worried he's going to loose his freedom (Even though I've never said he couldn't do anything & whenever he is out with the boys I always tell him I'll text him later. Plus I always encourage him going out and drinking, telling him I want some embarrassing stories).

Will given him space make him realise that actually he won't loose his freedom if things were to commit, also just curious to find out if guys do actually get cold feet before they make the decision to commit?
Guy wants to be able to do his own thing?
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