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Confusion and Heartbreak 😔?

Hi. So I've been dating this guy for over 5 years.. We did long distance, but I'm FINALLY moving there next month. Last week I was with him and we woke up after a nap, and he was sad. He started to cry and telling me he had doubts about the relationship.. He held me and kissed my forehead and all that.. And he seemed so upset he was legit crying. Then when i had to leave at the airport I hugged him goodbye cuz i didn't want to put any pressure on him. HE pulled me back and kissed me. Now ever since I got back home he barely responds to my text, ignores me, telling me he's used to being a loner and 'that he needs to reach out more' MIND YOU!!! He called me EVERYDAY for the past 4 years, I could call him up about anything and he'd always call me beautiful. He even said that HIS WORLD WOULD BE CRUSHED WITHOUT ME IN IT!! 😔 Now, whenever i need him he doesn't even pick up the phone anymore.. His excuse is work while he always used to call me at work. When I met his dad his dad told me he never seen his son as happy with anybody else as he is with me.. Ever since the breakup his sister told me he is being distant. What to do? Besides the relationship he was literally my bestfriend.. I miss him so fucking much.. It hurts.
Confusion and Heartbreak 😔?
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