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MALE ADVICE PLEASE? - and women advice too :)?

Hey everyone,

i'm just wondering from a male perspective. I met this guy August 2018, when I was overseas and we went on such an amazing date, and of course I was't living in the country. And from the until now July 2019 we would talk on and off and some times he wouldn't reply and others he would. I just recently moved to the country he lives in and I said that i'd like to catch up and (i've been flirty here and there) anyway I just recently found out he has a girlfriend or looks to be seeing someone (would explain why he replies sometimes) always general convo but never mentioned he had a girlfriend? i'm just wondering why he would save the embarrassment of being flirty or even reaching out... I ended up blocking him which is best and unfortunate but it was very strange as they only recently have each other on fb (after 8 months) not a picture of them or he doesn't have any of her friends on face book.. i've seen a couple of tagged pictures with them next to each other but nothing couple looking. i'm just wondering where she is also maybe a short term person?

Please enlighten me! i'm so sad about this
MALE ADVICE PLEASE? - and women advice too :)?
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