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Is it normal not to forget the first person who made you feel like a desired person?

Even if it was just a hook up and you wish to see that person again? I mean you do know the person for 4 years but you were never t in a relationship with the person, you were never really dating the person often or even were a couple either, even if you had 4 dates with him/her.. You are not even a couple but this person was the person who gave you "butterflies" in your stomach for your first time ever,, the first person you had sex with, the first one who you really was very attracted to, the first person you were bold to ask him/her out first to go to dates with you, becase you are a shy person and never had the guts to ask any other person before, you just felt to do it with this particular person as this person made you feel confident enough for you to do it.

At the present time you are not dating or have a boyfriend or seeing anyone, not because you dont want to experience what you experienced with the first person you felt so good about it, but so far you haven't met any other person that fill the shoes of that first person you were with, because you have not felt that "click" to any other person so far, so even if you wish to hang out with someone, even if it is not very formal, you are ok continue to being single or alone, you are used it to anyway, your entire life but unfortunately you are not in touch with that person anymore, as since you both were not serious, that person ghosted you no reason no explanation no nothing, even if you had a wonderful time with that person when you were with that person just 4 months ago and during the time you knew him/her for 4 years, (not a stranger obviously) and for the 4 dates and the sex you had with him
Is it normal not to forget the first person who made you feel like a desired person?
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