I miss a girl I used to text?

i met her and we had a falling out. I don't have her number anymore and I can't get it from my phones history because I don't remember the number by heart. I used to text her and I really miss her. I doubt shed even talk to me again, EVEN if I did reach her. what can I do?


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  • I have almost the same problem I used to text this guy all the time and we liked each other and blah blah then high school came and I haven't really talked or texted him at all, all year and I miss him so much so I say just find her on fb, chat her get her number and text her! I wish my guy did


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  • Most cell phone companies have the history of numbers called on your phone bill. If is paid online the history is right there for you to look through. If you remember when you texted her with a little work you can find the number. Good luck.

    • ive verizon. they only go back 6 months. I never called her. I'm just trying to remember the time I texted her. even if I i find the number. is it worth trying her?

    • Yes, if you liked her, why not try...what do you have to lose?

    • i guess

  • try

    • lol. like I said I don't have her number anymore

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