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The dating scene?

So i have recently gotten out of a one year relationship, with a woman I had a lot of respect and love for. So now i feel like the best thing for me to do is to meet some more women in order to prove that sur ismt the only amazing one out there. The problem is I have spent so much time in my life isolating myself, that i am not sure how to go about meeting women that i dont even know exist yet. Im open to all ideas, but i was kind of more curious abouy popular, free and non free, dating or hook up aps that have yeilded you all good results. Most dating aps i come across are either full of fake profiles trying to get you in a webcam website, or women that aren't taking it all that seriously and just want attention to their in box. Not exactly the box i want to pay attention to... if you know what I mean? Haha thanks for reading this far, i look forward to see you alls opinion.
The dating scene?
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