What are ways to ask/get a girl to hang out with you?

so I've already gone on a semi-date and gave her a rose for Valentine's etc I 95% she likes me. so what are some good ways to ask or get her to hang out with you. we never 'hung out' before and would really like to just spend more time with her. so what are some experiences advice etc.


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  • i would attempt to come off as casual,

    if you're going to a concert with friends, invite her.

    "hey, local band is playing at ____, you should come along".

    ask her to hang out with you,

    you need to get a gift for your mom,

    would she like to come to the mall with you?

    if you do want to be really direct,

    ask her on a date, but avoid movies.

    you can't really talk to people at the movies.

    good luck!


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