Is this just laziness? How hard can it be? like really?

okay, so I've been friends with this girl at school for about 4 mouths? like we talk and text just about every-single day. seems to be that she likes likes me enough.. but every-time we get plans to hangout outside of school its either 80% she backs out of it and says she can't hang. or I get sick or I just can't hangout at the time.

Just an FYI, we have tried to do this ever since we started being friends 4 months ago... not once have we actually chilled.

(just me and her)

I don't have a car... she doesn't either.. she lives about 40 minutes away from me. but is in my part of town enough to be realistic. so my question is: Is this just laziness? or a chick thing...

4 months**


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  • hmm.. next time tell her to call you when she has free time (so she can't flake).

    • She tells me to call her like every other night.. And the calls are like 3hrs longggggg... Soo much time.

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    • Thought about it, think I'm just gonna stop talking to her. Becides it's hard to hear her talk with so many d***s in her mouth.

    • LOL you just made me spit out my water! yea well that's a choking hazard and all, and if she talks with her mouth full she's obviously not very saftey conscious so maybe that's a good idea.

  • Hard tosay, sounds like you both have backed out or been unable to get together at different times. See if she is as frustrated as you about not being able to chill together, if she is keep trying.


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