Should I hang out with this girl first or should I just ask her out on a date?

Way back in the summer, this girl and I hung out and talked A LOT. I was always planning to ask her out on a date but a lot of things happened and by the time I did, she was dating someone else

She became single last week and we just started talking again a few days ago. I don't know if I should go ahead and straight up ask her out on a date first or like meet her for lunch or just hang out like we used to do to catch up first...

Which should I do?


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  • ask her on a date :)

    first date's are usually casual and friendly a nothing more than an innocent good night kiss of the cheek at the end. You can take her out to lunch or dinner, whenever it suits her and catch up over that. Sorry I'm not much help, I don't see much of a dividing line between hanging out and asking her out on a date especially if it's only a first date. First date's in my opinion are quite casual - lots of talking about each other and it may or may not lead to a date #2


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