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Well I invited my boyfriend to homecoming since it is the 3rd(the day he moved away and if he comes I will get to see him after 2 years) and I was really excited about it but, now I'm not. Him and my best friend were talking over the phone and I overheard their conversation, He said that when he comes to homecoming he was going to surprise me with a kiss. Right when I heard that I don't want Friday to come! It will be my first kiss and I don't know if I want it yet! He wants to kiss me in front of everybody so everyone will know that I'm his( everyone doesn't know that we are going out. when he left they though we hated each other to death!) and to top it all off my parents don't know about us either(I had kinda told them 2 years back when he moved and they disapproved of it because it will be a LDR and my mom has people she wants to pair me up with).This is also my first boyfriend and I'm so unsure on what to do that day. I can't imagine the kind of abuse I'll get from everyone(they still bring up the subject of me and him till this day but I always say "I hate him" but, with a little hesitation but still a very believable performance) I don't know why I'm so afraid of everyone knowing! So what should I do? I would really like my first kiss to be in a private place not in front of everyone! Also I'm afraid that he will not like how I look(we haven't seen each other since the day he left, 2 years) He says he doesn't care but still.

P.S. He doesn't know I know he is going to give me a kiss. This will also be his first kiss and I'm also his first girlfriend(I think It is a miracle that we have been together for 2 years and that for those 2 years we have talked to each other every day.)


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  • If you've been together for two years and haven't kissed then I don't really think it's an intimate relationship. If you like him then you shouldn't care what other people think. It isn't really fair to be hypocritical towards someone you supposedly like. If you don't want him as a boyfriend then tell him, if you do then stop worrying so much and be happy that he likes you back. If you don't want to kiss him (not sure why you wouldn't want to kiss your boyfriend) then maybe you don't want to continue being with him. If you are too afraid to admit you like someone then they probably aren't for you.

    • It was a long distance thing, he MOVED two yr's ago and they haven't seen ea other since

    • Yep 2 years. So I believe I'm just afraid of just seeing him after so long. We tell each other everything though and I mean everything.

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  • Don't look for approval from your parents, I know some parents are like that but your 15 and need to start showing some inderpendance. You said that your parents would know you would think before you act, and it's obvious that you are, I think you should do what you want to and not worry about how your parents will react, more then likely they will accpet it and be happy afterwards.

    As for the not trust him part, that's probably thinknig that u'd go all the way with him (sex) too soon, but I don't think u'd do that, just take things slowly with him and your mum should be ok with it

  • well I don't think you should worry about it, two yr's it a long time and if your not ready for the kiss I think u'd be better off meeting him somewhere more private for the kiss. and as for everyone thinking you hate him, well hows that gunna look when you invited him to homecoming?

    i say go with it, your parents will live with it, personally I don't think your got that much to worry over, trust me in a couple yr's your first kiss will seem like your first steps. and I suppose in a relationship world they are, but after awhile they won't matter anymore it will be how far you can walk and how fast you can run, as for what other people think ingore them, they don't like it tell em to get **** waiting for other ppl's approval is a VERY bad approach to life

    • I haven't seen him in 2 years and I'm not so worried about what my people think it is my parents(mom to be more specific)

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  • I think that if you two have been together for 2 years, you shouldn't worry about what other people might say about "the kiss". It really isn't any of their buisness, but as always people tend to be very nosy about these things.

    Firstly, you should consider telling your parents. Even if they disapprove, they will know that you are honest. You said they are trying to set you up with someone, well just tell them that you don't think it's fair or right of them to pick out who you should fall in love with. Love just happens. Tell them all about how you care for your boyfriend and afterwards, even try to face them together. In the end, parents want what's best for their kids and sometimes their judgement is blurred by an over amount of this. Parents should guide their kids and teach right from wrong, not distrust you and control every aspect of your life (including your love life).

    Depending on how young you are, parents are protective because they've already been through what you are going through. They want you to make the right decisions where they didn't, and help you save moments (like dating) for a time when it's better.

    If you want to kiss him, then let it happen. I promise First Kisses aren't as scary as they seem to be.

    • Thank you. I have told them many times, my dad is ok with it my mom isn't by the way I'm 15 and he is 15. I know they have been down this path before but They know me and know that I would think before I act(no matter what the situation I always think first) so I feel bad that they don't trust me or in some cases they don't trust "him"(but I fully understand that.) I was thinking of him meeting my parents and asking them if he could date me(he is all for it) but is that really weird?