Why beautiful girls hang out with losers?

My question is pretty clear, each time I see a beautiful girl she is either with an ugly smelly guy, a loser , or just an asshole :0

i mean c'mon there's millions of nice guys who would love to be your Boyfriend , just why you are always hanging out with those assholes ?.

i begin to think that you can't be beautiful and smart girl.


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  • Yeah I have ended up with one of each of those. I don't know..At first it's how they make you feel maybe..like they really care about you. Some other guys, just as in how some girls are like this with guys- act like they don't care and that they just want that pretty face to be associated with them. It can go different routes for sure, I'm not saying that's it but that's how I kind of see it.


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  • Low self esteem.

  • Because those assholes usually were the nice guys in the beginning... ):


What Guys Said 2

  • Stop complaining you sound jealous and how do you know they are smelly? Do you walk around stalking and sniffing them? You creep! Lol

    Maybe they aren't ugly to her, how do you know he's a loser? What just cause she's not by you're side makes him a loser? You sound like a jealous prick! No wonder you're the real loser its obvious you're a hater! I can't stand guys like you!

  • You really can't be beautiful and smart on every spectrum at the same time. Some people have bad taste (define bad, all good is subjective). :P And of course: DEFINE LOSER. If you're single and they're not, then they do something you don't. Possibly has something to do with being uptight and having a feeling of superiority while having nothing underneath. Or, you just don't show your interest in anyone and don't get involved in any sort of relation!

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