He didn't text back until 6 hours after? Guys, in need of some advice, what would you think?

so I went on a date with this guy, it went well, then 2 days later he texted me and I invited him to come out with my friends. he said he was going out with his own friends and convo stopped there. the next day I texted him 2X and called and he didn't text back until 6 hours after and said he was busy with friends. what do I do now?


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  • Let him live his life. His friends are more important than you. And when he want's to spend time with you he'll let you know. Just because you're willing to give him your time doesn't mean he's willing to give you his... You could also try asking him to go on another date just the two of you... you asking him to hang out with your friends sounded a little bit premature in terms of the dating sequence. Give it a couple more dates before you mention your friends.

    • thanks - he said he likes aggressive women tho..? should that make a difference?

    • Yes.. but it doesn't mean that he wants you to text him constantly. You should dig into what he really means by aggressive. You can either experiment to find out what "aggressive" means... which kind of leaves you vulnerable to him seeing right through you. If you're not aggressive by his means.. you may just not be what he wants. It all depends on whether or not you care to be misleading.

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  • don't contact him for a while. keep it cool. I know that can be hard, but it is important not to seem clingy

    hope everything works out :)