I'm way too jealous of the past.. how can I get over it?

okay.. my boyfriend has had like so many girl friends.. well not girl friends.. mainly just hookups and it drives me nuts.. the main thing is I have extremely low self esteem.. and I hate it.. people tell me all the time I'm really pretty and skinny, but I just don't see it..

All the girls he's hooked up with are super pretty.. and I find myself getting mad at him for the past.. and I just don't know how to put it behind me and not think about it..


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  • ha! remeber this :) at first you were a hookup, but he didn't think ah one night of fun he thought of many more nights and days with you. If you think all his past hookups were attractive than you probably are too, because most people go for the same type, like for example if you have brown hair and a little cute button nose, if that's his thing then he would at first sight be attracted to you, then he talked to you and now your dating.

    YOU HAVE WAY more going for you then these other girls, the proof should be that he is dating you NOT THEM!.

    i did the same getting jealous over all his past flings, but in time your just like meh whatever, occasionally when he introdcues me and if I know that he has been with one in the past I get a little jealous, but I act extremely nice to the girl, and kind of hold my guy or lean in close to him in a body language type way saying "hah!, he's mine". it helps. and your boyfriend thinks your pretty cool for staying cool about it, intead of showing your jealous.


    may I ask how long you have been together for.

    eventually he will help you to feel comfortable in your own skin, otherwise I would suggesting seeing a a professional to help wiht your confidance, because guys love that. a friend of mine got help and just something small like that dramatically improved her relationship and her work she got promoted :) xx

    • we have been together for three months now.. and I don't know if part of it might be the trust factor.. he's cheated on mannnnyyy girls and he even cheated on his ex with me (I didn't know at the time.. he told me like a month and a half ago)

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