How do I date when all I have is guy friends?

I know it sounds odd, but I mainly have guy friends. I don't get along with women too well. I grew up as tomboy which is why I associate predominantly with men. But it's becoming an issue when I date. They either dislike the guys I go out with out of being protective brother-types (no, they're not interested in me, before you ask lol) and tend to scare guys off, or guys I meet always say, "it makes me uncomfortable that you only hang out with dudes." I have tried to make female friends, but it's hard, especially the older you get. What should I do? When I go to clubs I can't even meet anyone because I am with all guys! It intimidates potential suitors!

OK now I realize I'm being naive.they probably do want to hook up with me ("they" being my guy friends).so the better do I meet a guy when all I do is hang out with guys?


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  • I'm not going to ask you, I'm going to tell you: At least half of your male friends want to get in your pants, assuming neither they or you are gay. I'd put large money on it. Don't believe me? Try them.

    Which means they're not being protective; they're disposing of their rivals as best they can.

    What to do? Either pick one from the herd (see above) or keep your boyfriends away from your guy friends. Have you ever noticed that girls aren't invited to guy's night out, and vice versa? There's a reason. We show a different side of ourselves to our friends then we do to our lovers, a side our lovers don't need to see. Let your man know that you're going to hang out with your friends, and reassure him that nothing's going to happen.

    Expect him, however, to be suspicious for a good long while. (See above.)

    • I'm too lazy to post an answer right now, so I'll put a QFT on this one.

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    • Never i-dated. Woudn't know how to go about it. I have happy results offline, so I've never had the incentive. I have watched a friend of mine pull a serious hottie, so now he has me thinking, new waters, new fish.

    • Your friend pulled a hottie from the net? Nice. I only meet weirdos on these dating sites. Like, I realize VERY QUICKLY why they're not meeting people in person. Oi.

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  • One of them must like you!

  • date one of your friends.


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  • As a girl who does not have many female friends I have to wonder why you are getting female friends if they make you uncomfortable. Just make sure the next time you are going out and WANT to pick up a guy to date that you leave your friends who are men at home, and when introducing your friends to your guy at a later date introduce them one on one or a couple at a time so they can't pack up and insure him he's your world.

    • Good advice. I met a guy since posting this, but now that's my post "should I run... "