First date issues - canceling all times

Question for girls...

I met a woman on a dating site. We chatted, exchanged emails and pictures. I verified she is not fake also. Everything nice so far.

We decide to setup a date, meeting for lunch. She was actually willing to come close to my office (30 miles drive for her) to have lunch together. The day of the lunch she cancels and ask to delay by one day. No problem, we setup for next day.

Next day she cancels again and ask to do the day after. So I called to make sure she was really willing to meet. She says yes, call me tomorrow morning and we will meet.

Next morning I call her twice, she does not pick up. Send her a text, no reply.


1) Why do you think this happened?

2) What should I do? Call her again, wait 2-3 days and call her, or stop conversation until she does the next move

Ok, so what would you do?

Try to call her again? (I guess not)

Wait for her to send a sign?

Wait a few days and try to send her a message or an email?



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  • Sounds like she's getting cold feet about the idea. Maybe she's never met up with someone online before? Maybe she's not sure about you? Could be anything really.


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