boyfriend holds things over my head?

On two separate occasions, while drunk, i happened to walk in on people having sex. These people happened to be my friends. These were purely innocent events on my end, and, to be honest, I’d rather have not seen my friends engaging in sexual activities.

I mentioned these to my boyfriend, because i thought they were kind of funny and awkward. I didn’t tell him to hurt him in any way. The ways they happened were kind of comical.

Anyways. He got very upset when i told him. He accused me of doing so purposefully, and didn’t find the stories funny at all.

Time has passed, and I said my cousin invited me for a weekend away with her boyfriend. I asked my boyfriend to come. And we could share rooms with them. My boyfriend said “no, i want my own room. I don’t want to walk in on them having sex. I’m not like you”

I got really hurt and offended by that. Because, he holds it over my head and makes me appear to be some out of control/deviant person.

He holds this over my head, and it makes me feel badly. I believe i have shown him my character over and over, and that I try my best to be a good, respectful and honest person.

After the conversation, he was very grumpy and moody and he gets grumpy and moody often. It makes me feel bad.
boyfriend holds things over my head?
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