Why do Girls have "race preferences", but guys don't?


OK so I know race is a sensitive topic these days so here's a pic of my beautiful city to distract your rage... so you can read this details and understand what I'm saying.
Why do Girls have
OK so like seriously. I have been rejected because of my race and the more I think about it - the more I realize that women have race fetishes and preferences. I've never heard a guy say he "doesn't date a certain race". I am a white dude but I would get with all races of women, in fact I've got with black, Asian, white, latina and mixed girls... so yeah. I'd say most girls are the same. However I hear of girls who "only date black guys" or "white guys" etc. It's mostly girls who aren't black who "only date black boys" which is technically racist and is stupid.

Now, this is my personal experience, which is limited to LA county, so I don't know what weirdos like Europeans are like. If you have had a different experience, it doesn't mean I am incorrect? Comprende? Gracias amigos.

"pack in the mail it's gone,
she like how i smell cologne..." (finish the sentence for MHO)
Why do Girls have "race preferences", but guys don't?
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