Should I be honest with him why I don't want to be friends?

I met this guy who is a professional tennis player and I really liked him. It was a group hangout and we made out that night. I thought he was very interested in me, but I think he friend-zoned me because he's not asking me out anymore, he's just texts me every day and invites me to play an online video game with him (we both play that game). We have fun while we play but it's totally friendly. We talked about relationships in general and all he said was that he can't really date anyone because he travels a lot due to his tennis matches. And it's true, his in another country ever second month. He's home maybe 4 months a year when you calculate everything. It really sucks but I do understand. My gut feeling is telling me that he noticed that I started developing feelings for him and that's why he's backing off on that note, probably doesn't want to lead me on or give a wrong impression. But does enjoy talking and playing with me i general, maybe even likes me romantically too since that's what his body was telling me the night we made out (it was so deep and sensual and romantic, he was so so sweet ad respectful to me). But that's the problem, I already like him too much to keep it friendly (even if it's just online). I need to forget about him before lurks deeper into my heart. What do you suggest? I could like risk and keep it friendly online with chatting and playing that game, in hope things change in his tennis career, or I could end it all.
Should I be honest with him why I don't want to be friends?
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